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until the radio plays something familiar

Well, I've been gone quite a long time, haven't I?

I wish I could say I've been busy but I haven't. In fact, it's been kind of worrying how little I've been doing. I think I might have ... something. I'm not sure what because my only symptom is excessive fatigue. In fact, I've spent more of this weekend asleep than I awake. True story: I was only awake for five hours yesterday. This is serious not good, guys.

The good news is that I feel much better today, I guess. I even finally started writing my first essay! Of course, half the course have already finished their first drafts but whatever. And yeah, currently it's only 300/2000-3000 words but it's a start~~

The only fun thing I've done this weekend was on Friday. I went to a Thanksgiving dinner with my friend Katie. She was the only person I knew but after spending four hours cooking with her and her friend David, I was just ready to eat and all thoughts of awkwardness were gone. Most everyone was quite nice and the evening was comfortable, despite not knowing anyone.

The only awkward thing was that the girl hosting the party was bizarre. She made traditional Native American dishes because "they are TRULY authentic" except they were like .. Pueblo Indian dishes. Plus she was vegan so she was criticizing all our food. But the funniest was that she would not allow us to eat ice cream, despite the fact that we brought it. She was all "That is not Thanksgiving food" and when we pointed out that yes, it was she went "Not in my house" and this annoyed Katie so much that she actually grabbed the ice cream and went outside because "YOU DON'T OWN THE STREET!" It was all very awkward at the time but it's funny for me now but probably not so much for Katie.

Probably going to try and write a few hundred more words before bed tonight. Plus, I have the motivation of last night's Once Upon a Time for when I finish. ♥
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friends cut

Friends Cut

I don't care if you think I'm a bitch for doing this but if you're going to insult me on my personal journal and overreact about minute things I type, then you don't need to read about my life. Let's be honest; you guys stopped caring about me years ago. It's obvious in the fact that we never hang out and you only comment on my posts to call me out on things. Let's end this masquerade. I'll see you if I see you. Have a nice life.
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how much wasted time will you survive?

Literally all I've done all day is eat, do homework, and read Ohmiya fanfiction. I'm such a lazy ass.

You know what I'm terrified of? The future. I laugh about how scared I am of it all the time but it's not really a joke. A year from now, I'll have graduated. And graduated to do what? I don't even know. There are thousands of options floating through my brain. Teach in Japan for awhile. Grad school in New York. Get an apartment with Nushi. But I don't know and it all comes down to one little thing: I don't know what I want. And that terrifies me.

This is going to sound strange and pathetic and weird but I have a question for all of you: What is your image of me? I mean, it can be in general but specifically, what could you see me doing? I have been over-thinking this for way too long and I'm curious what everyone else thinks. I'm not planning to base my future on your answers or anything but I'm just interested in what you guys think. Your friends are able to see things in you that you can't see yourself, sometimes or they can point out the obvious that you're overlooking. Am I overlooking anything? You obviously don't have to answer if you don't want but I'd love to hear your opinions. ♥

Oh, and in case you're embarrassed for whatever reason, this is public, thus anon commenting is on. ;)
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i will always be nearby through love's power

I am officially seeing Simon and Garfunkel on July 10th in Tokyo Dome. ♥

Also, Costco is love. 8D

Where did the weekend go? :(

On the anon meme, someone said that they wished they knew more about me. I don't think I try to be particularly sneaky or hide anything about my life but maybe there are things you guys are curious about or something? idk Anyways, here's the point of this entry.

Ask me anything and I will answer truthfully.

This entry is public so that anon commenting can happen if you are too shy or something. I really don't think I have anything to hide and I know that there are things I wonder about my friends but am too embarrassed I don't already know to ask so here's your chance. Molly's in the hot seat! Do your worst. ♥
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I finally configured Skype on my parents' computer today. We tested it and it works! Huzzah!

This got me thinking ... that I don't have anyone's Skype name. xD Considering I'm soon off to London, it might be nice to have some people to talk to in my down time. xD If you want to talk, tell me your name? Comments are screened.

And if I know you irl and you don't want to reply to this, I'm going to do a Facebook note soon enough anyway so you can reply to that if you want.

OH AND ANON FROM THAT MEME THE OTHER DAY! The one that said you know a secret? Can you tell me what it is? That's been bugging the LIFE out of me! xDD I'll turn anon posting on so that you can anon AND screen comment it. I'll never know who you are. BUT TELL ME? I want to know my own secrets. xDDD

Oh, and since this entry isn't flocked, I'll put my Skype name in the last one. So that scary people don't call me. xD
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