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I finally configured Skype on my parents' computer today. We tested it and it works! Huzzah!

This got me thinking ... that I don't have anyone's Skype name. xD Considering I'm soon off to London, it might be nice to have some people to talk to in my down time. xD If you want to talk, tell me your name? Comments are screened.

And if I know you irl and you don't want to reply to this, I'm going to do a Facebook note soon enough anyway so you can reply to that if you want.

OH AND ANON FROM THAT MEME THE OTHER DAY! The one that said you know a secret? Can you tell me what it is? That's been bugging the LIFE out of me! xDD I'll turn anon posting on so that you can anon AND screen comment it. I'll never know who you are. BUT TELL ME? I want to know my own secrets. xDDD

Oh, and since this entry isn't flocked, I'll put my Skype name in the last one. So that scary people don't call me. xD

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