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Daisuke Series
Today's Youth: Sho tries to help Ohno and Nino's son with his homework. It .. doesn't go well.
Holding A Grudge: Daisuke is late coming home. Nino doesn't react well.
A Night Out: What happens when you ask Uncle Jun to babysit
Plans Go Awry: Daisuke's scheming and his parents just want a vacation
Fishing Trip: Ohno finally gets to take his son fishing. Nino's not so sure.
Father's Day: Daisuke's curious about a trend he notices in his extended family and goes to Ohno with some questions.

Walking Club
Prologue: In which Walking Club is established.
Chapter One: In which Ohno makes an announcement (and Aiba tries to, too).
Chapter Two: In which Jun forms a plan and Nino ruins one.
Chapter Three: In which Ohno worries and Sho doesn't (he swears).
Chapter Four: In which Nino cries and Sho kind of wants to, deep down.
Chapter Five: In which time passes and things get more complicated.
Chapter Six: In which there are both invitations and rejections.
Chapter Seven: In which there are steps forward and back.
Chapter Eight: In which advice comes from strange places.
Chapter Nine: In which the game changes.
Chapter Ten: In which everyone reacts differently.
Chapter Eleven: In which Nino is distant and Sho is surprisingly hands on.
Chapter Twelve: In which Sho forgets and Nino remembers.
Chapter Thirteen: In which the game ends and real life begins.
Chapter Fourteen: In which Sho smiles and Ohno frowns.
Chapter Fifteen: In which surprises tend to be for the best.

The Dangers of Beanie Babies On Tour: Why Nino shouldn't have a key to Aiba's dressing room.
Five Times the Universe Set the Scene and One Time Ohmiya Took the Hint: Someone, somewhere, is muttering "finally"

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