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i will always be nearby through love's power

I am officially seeing Simon and Garfunkel on July 10th in Tokyo Dome. ♥

Also, Costco is love. 8D

Where did the weekend go? :(

On the anon meme, someone said that they wished they knew more about me. I don't think I try to be particularly sneaky or hide anything about my life but maybe there are things you guys are curious about or something? idk Anyways, here's the point of this entry.

Ask me anything and I will answer truthfully.

This entry is public so that anon commenting can happen if you are too shy or something. I really don't think I have anything to hide and I know that there are things I wonder about my friends but am too embarrassed I don't already know to ask so here's your chance. Molly's in the hot seat! Do your worst. ♥

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